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Washington Robotic Surgery

about us

In these pages, you will learn more about the doctors that provide the care as well as the staff that support our robotic surgeons, in order to help them achieve…

our mission

To provide the utmost in personal and specialized care, giving each patient the time and attention they deserve.

The following guiding principles help us to execute our mission:

  • Our robotic surgical cases are always the first surgery of the day, minimizing schedule delays and benefiting from staff and operating room personnel who are fresh and without fatigue.
  • No more than one robotic surgery takes place each day, enabling us to focus on one patient and one patient only, without the distraction of previous or upcoming surgeries.
  • Board-certified urologists are in charge of every detail of your care, from beginning to end of your surgery, and throughout your post-operative care, without the intercession of resident doctors-in-training—you will have the confidence of knowing that your surgeon is in charge of every detail of your care.